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Biological Indicator Starter Kit

Biological Indicator Starter Kit


What's Included in the starter kit:
WTL198-0057 MiniBio Auto-Reader Incubator (quantity: 1)
WTL198-0072 Gravity/Vacuum Ultra Rapid biological indicator (quantity: 50)
Tuttnauer MiniBio Auto-Reader and 1 Box of Steam Ultra-Rapid Biological Indicators with 20 Minute Results 50 per box

Features of the WTL198-0057 MiniBio Auto-Reader Incubator:

  • 20 Minute & 1 hour process times can be used simultaneously
  • 3 Incubation slots
  • Ease of use
  • Thermal printer
  • USB connection with free software download
  • One BI and reader can be used in both gravity and pre/post vacuum sterilizers
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