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Tuttnauer EZ9 Fully Automatic Autoclave featuring Closed Door Drying, accompanied by the EZ9P printer


WARRANTY: 24 months, parts and labor.


Experience the ease of one-touch functionality, catering to all your sterilization and drying requirements. The Tuttnauer EZ9 fully automatic autoclave sterilizer simplifies the process – filling, sterilizing, exhaust, and drying, all achievable with the press of a single button.

Highlighted Features: Incorporates a closed-door active drying system, preserving sterility and ensuring efficient drying of packs and pouches. Efficient hot air circulation via a high-performance air pump, facilitating rapid drying post sterilization. The replaceable 0.2 µm Hepa filter enhances air quality. Pre-loaded cycles encompass unwrapped instruments, wrapped packs, and glassware, plus an additional drying cycle. Total customization and storage of all program parameters. Automatic shut off at the conclusion of sterilization and drying cycles, accompanied by both audible and visual interruption alerts. Dual safety locking mechanism that prevents door opening when the chamber remains pressurized. A low water sensor halts the sterilization cycle activation in cases of insufficient water within the chamber or reservoir. Continuous monitoring of temperature and pressure throughout sterilization. Integrated power outage recovery system. A carefully designed door prevents steam contact with the control panel. For added convenience, an optional internal printer records vital details: date, time, temperature, and pressure. 510k clearance specifically for dental handpieces. Front-located drain valve allows swift and effortless water reservoir drainage. Endorsements from international certifications.



    • Specifications

      Tuttnauer EZ9 Fully Automatic Autoclave Specifications

      • Chamber Dimensions: 9" x 18" (230 mm x 470 mm).
      • Chamber Volume: 5 gallons (19 liters).
      • Overall Dimensions: 21.5" (D) x 20" (W) x 14.4" (H) (545 mm x 510 mm x 365 mm).
      • Standard Cassettes Capacity: 2 full and 2 half.
        • Full Size: 8" x 11".
        • Half Size: 8" x 5.5".
      • Tray Dimensions: 16.3" (D) x 6.7" (W) x 0.8" (H) (415 mm x 170 mm x 20 mm).
      • Tray Capacity: 3.
      • Standard Unwrapped Cycle Time (Cycle times are approximate and may vary depending on instrument loads):
        • Cold: 27 minutes.
        • Hot: 13 minutes.
      • Voltage: 120 V.
      • Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
      • Power: 1400 watts.
      • Current: 12 A.
      • Shipping Weight: 95 lb (43 kg).
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