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T Edge 10

T Edge 10


The Tuttnauer T-Edge 10 Autoclave comes complete with five trays, a drain tube, and a tray holder.

Warranty: 2-Year Parts and Labor Warranty

The T-Edge 10 represents a fully automated autoclave, featuring an array of one-touch sterilization programs. It's offered in both Class B and Class S variations, each boasting four preset cycles encompassing drying periods ranging from 20 to 60 minutes, alongside options for unwrapped items and delicate materials. Accommodating a volume capacity of six gallons, it can house up to five instrument trays. This device is equipped with an ethernet port, four USB ports, WiFi capabilities, and an integrated automatic water filling and drainage system, negating the requirement for manual waste water disposal. With a door opening radius of 110°, it fits comfortably on shelves with a depth of 23.6" (60 cm).

Sporting user-friendly touchpad controls and pre-programmed functions for swift selection, this device also boasts advanced documentation and traceability via barcodes and printed data. An additional standout feature allows users to manage the autoclave via Wi-Fi using smartphones or tablets.

In the case of the Class B model, it features the specialized Virus Protection Shield cycle. This cycle raises tray temperatures to 180° for 15 minutes, effectively eradicating bacteria, viruses, and fungi, including coronaviruses. This cycle maintains chamber air during the process. Meanwhile, the Class S model relies on a gravity steam sterilization technique. If Class S model users desire an upgrade to Class B (Pre/Post Vacuum version), the autoclave can be enhanced through the purchase of the Software Update (#T-EDGE CLASS B SW UPGRADE). This obviates the need to invest in an entirely new device.

  • Warranty

    2 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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