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Tuttnauer T Classic 9

Tuttnauer T Classic 9


The Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Portable Autoclave is a nine-liter portable steam autoclave that is cost-effective and user-friendly.


The Tuttnauer T-Classic 9 Portable Autoclave is an ideal, cost-effective solution for sterilization in busy clinics and for medium-sized practitioners. It's capable of delivering short, efficient cycles, including as short as 18 minutes. This lightweight unit is a great companion device for larger autoclaves or as a backup if the standard autoclave is unusable.

With its user-friendly interface design, the T-Classic 9 can complete cycles with a simple one-touch operation. For safety, an electronic detector will shut off power if the water level is too low, and a thermal fuse is included to prevent overheating and electrical problems.


Includes a 1 Years Parts and Labor Warranty

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